2016 Liberty Swing Staff


Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollman

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann have been a successful partnership for nine years. They are 11-Time US Open Champions, 6-time NASDE Champions, and Multi-Grand National Champions, as well as dominating the Classic Division throughout the past 6 years. At the UCWDC World's event they were given the Star Award for the Couple with the Most Impact on Swing, and Jordan won Best Swing Choreographer. They have won Swing Couple of the Year for 5 years straight on the web site: www.usaswingdance.net

Jordan & Tatiana have won Fox TV's "30 Seconds to Fame," appeared twice on CBS TV's "Star Search," danced in the motion picture "the Polar Express," won "America's Best Dance Couple" on ABC TV's "Good Morning America," and had speaking roles and danced in the movie "Love N' Dancing."

They Travel 47 out of 52 weekends per year, competing and teaching packed workshops all across the USA and Internationally. They are Certified Teachers in the Golden State Dance Teacher's Association.

Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake

Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake (CA) have been on the forefront of innovative west coast swing for over 20 years. Residing in Fresno, California, Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake are the holders of 11 US Open titles, are five time NASDE champions, and eight time Grand National Champions, and they are the only couple to hold US Open Swing Championship titles in both the Showcase and Classic divisions. Competing together for over 12 years, they are known for their smooth footwork and precise, and direct teaching styles. Kyle and Sarah have choreographed and performed over 24 routines. Travelling all over the world, Kyle & Sarah teach both the fundamental roots of west coast swing, and their own modern styles.

Ben Morris & Victoria Henk

Victoria Henk's shenanigans began at age 4 with ballet and gymnastics, with hip hop and jazz soon joining the mix at age 6. At the age of 8 she starting training at the Schwimmer's 5678 Dance Studio where she was quickly placed onto both the juniors West Coast Swing and Jazz teams. Victoria's passion and ability for both the solo dances and West Coast Swing was cultivated at the studio until she began to dedicate as much time to it is as she possibly could. When she began to compete she quickly met with success, culminating in her winning the 2014 NASDE All Star Tour and immediately afterwards beginning to place and final in Champions divisions. She now teaches hip hop at Buddy Schimmer's Dance Center, continues to train at the Edge Performing Arts Center in LA with the top choreographers in the world, travels around the globe to teach West Coast Swing with her new partner Ben Morris, and is a full time student at a University. In her spare time she likes to...wait...spare time? What spare time?

Both a Champion Lindy Hopper and a Champion West Coast Swing Dancer; Ben Morris began swing dancing at the age of 12 and is now a 2 time World Swing Dance Champion, 3 time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, Spirit of Lindy Hop award winner, a California Swing Dance Hall of Fame award winner, and a featured dancer in the movie Love N’ Dancing and the Leann Rimes Music Video “Swingin.” A graduate of UCLA, he currently lives in Orange County, California, running his weekly dance Swingin the Blues and regularly guest teaching at several local colleges during the week. On the weekends Ben travels all over the world to teach, compete, mc, judge, and perform and is known for his fun dance style, infectious personality, and enjoyable workshops.


PJ Turner & Tashina Beckmann

PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann were brought together by a mutual passion: joy of movement through West Coast Swing.

They began their partnership in May 2013, and debuted their 1st ever Classic Routine in July 2013. Since then they have continued to place Top 5 at major US NASDE and other WSDC events in the Classic Division.
Almost immediately following their debut they started teaching at Events and workshop weekends both in the US and internationally. Promoters and students alike love their fun energetic personalities, humorous accents, professionalism, and passion for late night dancing.

Their partnership is strengthened by the fact that their individual and now mutual life dreams were to be professional dancers, and they are so grateful they get to experience this together. People often question how a long distance partnership from Tennessee to California works? PJ & Tashina answer with "When You Love what you Do, You Find a way to make it work".

Early on in the partnership PJ dubbed Tashina with the nickname "Taz", to capture the spirit of her wild hair and ridiculous sounds she makes in the place of counting. PJ's nickname "Paco Jose" stems from a misunderstanding of what PJ actually stands for, ever since then it has stuck.

Together Taz & Paco look forward to the continued journey of their West Coast Swing experience.

Lee Easton & Fabienne Henshall

Are from London, England, have been dancing for the last 20 years and together for 7 as a partnership. In those 7 years they have consistenly been making Finals at the Biggest WCS events across the world in the Classic Division. They also compete in the UCWDC Masters Classic division and have placed amongst the top 3 couples at Worlds for the last 3 years.

They Maintain local classes and monthly dances as well as organise 2 international WSDC events. They travel far & wide teaching, performing and judging at dance events. They love what they do and hope that shows through their work and dancing.

Matt Auclair

Matt and Crystal have been dancing together for 16 years, and have been teaching and competing together since 2003. They hail from St. Louis, and travel nationally and internationally competing, teaching and judging this dance that brought them together. Between them, they've got over 40 years of dance experience and training, and that's not including their daughter, Lily's, many years of intense training! They are SO EXCITED to be on staff at Liberty this year!

Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay

Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay are renowned worldwide for their precision, variety, and teaching methods within West Coast Swing. Since 2011, they have taken the circuit by storm with their Classic Routines and are re-defining the learning process of the dance world. They will lead you through energetic routines and social dances while sharing their advice on all things dance.

Maxime Zzaoui & Torri Smith

Maxime started dancing at the age of 5 in Lyon, France. He studied contemporary at the Conservatory for 6 years before starting his career in the West Coast Swing community. He is now one of the top male professionals, and was the first European to place in the top 5 of the Classic division at the US Open 2012. Torri began dancing when she was 3 years old in California, USA. She was the first and only person to win both the Classic and Showcase division in the same year at the 2010 US Open, and continued to win the Showcase division for the next 4 years. Maxime and Torri recently decide to build a partnership and travel the world teaching together. They love the fun and social atmosphere of WCS, and always want to make their classes informative yet enjoyable for everyone!


Jessica Cox (Chief Judge)
John Festa
Blake Hobby Dowling
Phil LaMothe
Arjay Centeno
Barry Jones
Laureen Baldovi-Mason
Gregory Scott
Lemery Rollins
Kay Newhouse
Matthew Smith
more to come...


Louie St. George
John Festa
Ruby Lair
Arjay Centeno
Jordan Frisbee

Master Of Ceremonies:

Robert Royston

Contestant Coordinators:
Demrey Leyva
Derek Leyva
Lee Jenkins
AnnMarie McCabe

Table Coordinator:
John Lindo

Event Staff:

David Roque, ballroom coordinator
Allison Chase, office manager
Kim Hayden, volunteer coordinator
Anthony DeRosa, website
Paula Edgar & Michael Frank, staff room
Barbara Jackson, Facebook Liaison

Event Registration and Scoring:
World Dance Registry

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